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greenhorn [ˈɡriːn.hɔːn]

1. A newcomer, especially one who is unfamiliar with the ways of a place or group
2. An inexperienced person, esp one who is extremely gullible

Greenhorn Short Film Festival was founded by artist Flora Bradwell and film maker Alix Taylor back in 2011, to celebrate new and emerging film making talent with an unusual slant. The festival provides a platform for the best upcoming film makers to screen and discuss their work, while offering the audience a unique insight into the creative process through post screening Q&A sessions. The event had such a successful sell-out first year, that we expanded the festival in 2012 to include a scriptwriting workshop by Charles Harris of Euroscript, one-on-one scriptwriting consultations with LFS tutor Jonathan Hourigan; followed by a panel discussion on Film Festivals, with special guest Mike Leigh.

To continue expanding to a wider audience we have created a partnership with The Dugout Festival, an Inclusive Women’s Art Festival. This led to us programming an inclusive short film screening for their event in March 2012, which helped us to evaluate where we would like to move in terms of incorporating a community aspect to the festival and determine the accessibility of the Greenhorn. In the run up to Greenhorn Short Film Festival 2013 we are looking to develop a youth element through a filmmaking competition, in order to engage with younger audiences and spark their interest in film. There will be an extra date to our main festival programme, with new events for greenhorn filmmakers. And now that Greenhorn has a desk at Ideas Tap‘s Creative Space we can bring you an even more exciting programme. There is a lot to look forward to in 2013!