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Selected Films

A German Word (2013) | Directed by William Webb
Comedy, 8.24mins

Dave’s Wild Life (2013) | Directed by Samuel de Ceccatty
Comedy, 8.18mins

Eupnea (2013) | Directed by Ilona Sagar
Artists Moving Image, 9.48mins

Golden (2013) | Directed by Simon Ball
Fiction, 7.30mins

Mr Torquay’s Holiday (2013) | Directed by Aaron Trinder
Fiction, 13.09mins

Pussy People (2010) | Directed by Andrew Lang
Fiction, 5.09mins

Roger the Real Life Superhero (2011) | Directed by Cathy McDonald
Documentary, 10.37mins

The Lady with the Lamp (2012)| Directed by Duncan Cowles
Documentary/Comedy, 3.48mins

Tired of Swimming (2012) | Directed by Anna Eijsbouts
Animation, 6mins

Top Hat (2013) | Directed by Michael Middleton-Downer
Fiction/Comedy, 2.20mins

Wish List (2013) | Directed by Giff
Animation, 3mins